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Where to start?

Try this very short video tutorial.

What is JJazzLab?

🎵 JJazzLab is a desktop application which automatically generates backing tracks for any song, even complex ones. It’s a jam buddy to have fun improvising at home, learn new stuff or just practice your instrument. It’s also a great tool for teachers.
🎷 JJazzLab is designed to make non-boring backing tracks, backing tracks with variety, rhythmic accents and dynamics. You can start a solo slowly and gradually build up the atmosphere!
💻 Thanks to the underlying JJazzLab-X open-source platform developers can easily add new features and new music generation capabilities.


Backing tracks

    Instant generation of a Midi backing track with drums, percussion, bass, piano, guitar, pad, horn section, …
    Fine tuning of the backing track per song part: rhythm variation, intensity, muted instruments, drum fills, tempo factor, …
    Play from start, from selected bar, or loop selected bars
    Play transposed (e.g. for sax or trumpet players)
    Any song structure: intro, chorus, 1st coda, etc.
    Adjust tempo, transposition, choose and solo/mute instruments
    Support for multi-rhythm backing tracks, possibly with different time signatures
    Export to Midi file, enabling easy Midi-to-MP3 conversion
    Customizable click and pre-count


    Chord lead sheet editor, song structure editor, chord symbol editor, mix console, song memo editor
    Multi-file editor with dockable windows
    Intuitive user interface with unlimited undo/redo, copy/paste between songs
    Free placement of the chord symbols (quantified or not), off-beat chord symbols anticipation
    Support all pop-rock and jazz chord symbols, plus user-defined chord symbols
    Edit chord symbol musical rendering: underlying harmony, accent type, harmony variation during solos, chord symbol substitution, …
    Customizable song template
    Customizable UI colors and fonts with themes
    Print chord lead sheet and song structure


    Support for Yamaha style files (SFF1 & SFF2 format), access to thousands of free styles on the web
    Hundreds of embedded rhythms in the installer
    Support for “YamJJazz Extended Yamaha" style files for even more variations per style
    Open architecture: new rhythm generation engines can be easily added via plugins


    Connect to any audio engine via Midi: SoundFont player (recommended with the JJazzLab SoundFont), Java internal synth, external synth, VST host via virtual Midi port such as ‘LoopBe1’
    Compatible with GM/GM2/XG/GS instruments
    Compatible with any Midi instrument via Cakewalk instrument definition files (.ins)
    Automatic drums/percussion drum map remapping from Yamaha XG key map to GM/GM2/GS key maps
    Optimized JJazzLab SoundFont for a high-quality rendering and automatic instrument selection
    Ready-to-use presets for VirtualMidiSynth (Windows) and FluidSynth (Linux)
    User-defined default mix per rhythm
    User-defined default instruments


    Band-In-A-Box lead sheet files
    musicXML lead sheet files
    Impro-Visor lead sheet files


    Auto-update notifications
    Based on the open-source Netbeans application framework
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