Main modules
JJazzLab-X relies on the Netbeans Platform which provides a modular infrastructure. You'll find below the most important modules of JJazzLab-X.
ActiveSong Manage the active song. JJazzLab-X can open several songs in parallel, but only the active one is allowed to send Midi data.
ChordLeadSheet The model for the chord leadsheet: it defines a number of bars and a list of ChordLeadSheetItems : CLI_ChordSymbol (chord symbol at a given position) and CLI_Section (section name and time signatue at a given bar).
CL_Editor The graphical editor for a ChordLeadSheet object.
Harmony All the harmony related base classes, Note, Degree, TimeSignature, ChordSymbol, ChordType, Scale, etc.
Midi General Midi related classes.
MidiMix The model to store a set of instruments and settings (e.g. which Midi bank/program change for the piano voice, which volume, reverb, transposition, etc.). Also contains the MidiMixManager which associates a MidiMix to a song object.
MixConsole The graphical editor for a MidiMix object.
MusicControl Control the music playback (start, pause, etc.), which includes the launch of the backing track generation process.
Rhythm The model for a rhythm (=a style). Also define the RhythmProvider interface which should be implemented by third-party rhythm generation engines.
RhythmDatabase Manage the available rhythms on the system. Upon startup the RhythmDatabase scans the available RhythmProvider implementations which provide the rhythm instances.
RhythmMusicGeneration Utility classes for music generation. Defines the MusicGenerator service provider interface.
Song The model for a song. A song mainly contains a chord leadsheet and a song structure.
SongEditorManager The central place where all song editors are created (from scratch, loaded from file, etc.) and managed.
SongStructure The model for a song structure: a list of SongParts. A SongPart defines a parent CLI_Section (see ChordLeadsheet model), a rhythm, and the value of each of the rhythm parameters.
SptEditor The graphical editor for a SongPart.
SS_Editor The graphical editor for a SongStructure object.
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