Translate JJazzLab

THANKS to the top translation contributors!

With 7 languages supported, JJazzLab can now be used by 3.5 billions people ! 😄

  • Chinese: Yafei

  • German: Hans Hahn, Torsten-Peh, helmutguitar, Ole Jenning, Samuel Buch

  • French: Daniel Patin, Hans Hahn

  • Japanese: H. Sakuda (GItBook online help)

  • Portuguese/Brazilian: Danilson Ramos De Oliveira

  • Spanish: Lucho

And thank you also to all the other contributors, every little bit helps!

It's easy

JJazzLab uses the platform, which makes it super easy to translate phrases, directly from your browser.

Who can do it?

Everyone, provided that you're a native speaker of the target language and you're familiar with music software terms.

How to start?

  • and register (it's free)

  • Choose a target language

  • Select a translation file (phrases are grouped per feature or UI component)

  • Pick an English phrase and translate it

Use ctrl-O (or upper-left menu Open) to open a different file. Done!

Crowdin provides many other translation facilities, like automatic translation proposals, possibility to request more info, a validation process, etc.

Recommendations & tips

  • The shorter the better Don't forget that your phrases will be part of the JJazzLab user interface.

  • Be consistent across translations If "leadsheet" is "xyz" in your language, try to reuse "xyz" whenever possible. Use the Glossary if a term is often reused.

  • Translate the Glossary first It's the last translation file at the bottom. It contains the most used terms found in JJazzLab, and helps maintain consistency across translations.

  • Proofreader role A proofreader validates maintains consistency and validate translation phrases. If you feel ready for this role, feel free to contact me.

  • Language missing? If you want to add a language not listed in Crowdin, feel free to contact me.

  • Want to try JJazzLab with the latest translation files? See this page.

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