Translate JJazzLab

It's easy

JJazzLab uses the platform, which makes it super easy to translate phrases, directly from your browser.

Who can do it?

Everyone, provided that you're a native speaker of the target language and you're familiar with music software terms.

How to start?

  • and register (it's free)

  • Choose a target language

  • Select a translation file (phrases are grouped per feature or UI component)

  • Pick an English phrase and translate it

Use ctrl-O (or upper-left menu Open) to open a different file. Done!

Crowdin provides many other translation facilities, like automatic translation proposals, possibility to request more info, a validation process, etc.

Recommendations & tips

  • The shorter the better Don't forget that your phrases will be part of the JJazzLab user interface.

  • Be consistent across translations If "leadsheet" is "xyz" in your language, try to reuse "xyz" whenever possible. Use the Glossary if a term is often reused.

  • Translate the Glossary first It's the last translation file at the bottom. It contains the most used terms found in JJazzLab, and helps maintain consistency across translations.

  • Proofreader role A proofreader validates maintains consistency and validate translation phrases. If you feel ready for this role, feel free to contact me.

  • Language missing? If you want to add a language not listed in Crowdin, feel free to contact me.

  • Want to try JJazzLab with the latest translation files? See this page.