Notes viewer

Use the Notes viewer to see notes of the selected chord symbol or real-time notes from the backing track.

View notes from a chord symbol

The notes of the selected chord symbol can be viewed on a piano keyboard or using guitar diagrams.

Piano keyboard

If there is a scale set for the selected chord symbol (see the chord symbol editor), the notes of the scale are shown.

Guitar diagrams

The red dot represents tonic notes (for ex. G for Gm69).
Most common diagrams for the G69 chord
By clicking on the button you can switch between different types of positions : most common, open voiced, close voiced, inversions.
Open voiced diagrams for the Gm69 chord

View backing track notes in real-time

This will display the notes of a selected instrument of the backing track in real-time.
If notes are visually out of sync with the sounds, adjust the audio latency in the Advanced tab of the Output Synth Editor.