Arranger keyboard mode

If you have a Midi keyboard connected via Midi IN, you can use it as a (pseudo) arranger keyboard: JJazzLab will recognize the chord symbols played and update the backing track accordingly.

This mode if for educational purpose only.

There will be a delay between your chord change and the music change. This is normal because JJazzLab is not designed to work as a realtime arranger keyboard.

First connect your Midi keyboard to a Midi IN device (see the Midi panel of Options/Preferences).

Create or open a song, then select a song part. The song part will be used by JJazzLab to know which rhythm and which rhythm parameters should be used during the arranger mode session.

Display the Arranger window (menu Window) and press its Play button: music should now follow the chords you play on your keyboard.

Only the notes received below the split note are used for chord symbol recognition.

While you play you can change rhythm parameters of the active song part (e.g. change the variation).

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