Importing songs

Band In A Box song files

JJazzLab can import .SG* or .MG* song files.

Only the following Band-In-A-Box data are used to generate the corresponding JJazzLab song :

  • song structure: chorus start, chorus end, number of chorus, tag after, tag start, tag end, 2 bar ending

  • chord symbols: name, position (including optional push settings), rest/hold/shot settings

  • song settings: allow push/rest in first/middle/last chorus.

The song import feature is not 100% reliable, but most of the files should be OK.

By default imported songs will be in 4/4. If you know that the imported song is in 3/4, then when import is done just select the initial time signature and use righ-click menu Set time signature to fix the time signature.

musicXML files

JJazzLab can import musicXML (.xml) or compressed musicXML (.mxl).

The import is limited to the time signatures and chord symbols.

.CSV files

JJazzLab can read chords from .csv (text) files.

There are 2 possible formats to specify a chord symbol, TIME-BASED or BEAT-BASED.

TIME-BASED: "pos_in_seconds, chord_symbol" The time signature and tempo must be set first so that pos_in_seconds can be converted into bar/beat. If not set, the default values are 4/4 and 120bpm.

Example: timeSignature=3/4 tempoBPM=60 0, C 3, F7 4.5, Eb7 6, D7

BEAT-BASED : "bar, beat, chord-symbol"

bar and beat are 0-based by default.

Example: 0, 0, C 1, 0, F7 1, 1.5, Eb7 2, 0, D7


  • Use // to add comments

  • "title=My song name" : if specified the created song will use this title as name

  • "useBase1" : if specified the bar/beat positions start at 1 instead of 0

  • Accepted delimiter characters are , ; or space or tab

Impro-Visor leadsheet files

JJazzLab can import Impro-Visor (.ls) leadsheet files.

The import is limited to the time signatures and chord symbols.

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