Rhythm engines overview

The rhythms are made available by rhythm engines.

Thanks to its open-source and pluggable architecture, JJazzLab can host many different rhythm engines. If you’re a developer you can build your own quite easily!

A rhythm engine has one or more rhythm providers which propose a list of supported rhythms and the supported rhythm parameters. You can see the list of all available rhythm providers in the rhythm selection dialog.

JJazzLab currently includes one rhythm engine, YamJJazz, which is based on Yamaha styles. Its rhythm parameters are Variation, Intensity and Fill (other parameters such as Mute or Tempo Factor are generic and work with any rhythm).

Future rhythm engines

Here some examples of what could be developed using the JJazzLab-X infrastructure.

  • An AI-based jazz oriented engine with only one versatile rhythm which adapts to different contexts, like a real band (slow or fast tempo, walking bass or not, etc.).

  • A drum engine similar to the Logic Pro X virtual drummer

  • An engine able to adapt the backing track to a given melody

  • A “meta-engine” which lets you combine individual tracks from various rhythms (e.g. combine a hip-hop bass line with latin drums)

  • An engine able to read style files from Band-In-A-Box or other arranger keyboards such as Korg or Ketron

  • etc.

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